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The IEEE Canadian Review is now available to members through digital delivery. Portable devices are supported by the digital version. The paper copy traditionally sent by Canada Post to all IEEE members will now be delivered only to those who make a request. More information see below.

The PDF format will still be available. A navigable PDF of the entire issue is accessible from the digital version; PDFs of individual articles can be downloaded from this website. There can be a delay of a week or so between when the full issue is posted and when individual PDFs are available.

Subscribing to Delivery Notices

Initially, eNotices will be sent to all IEEE Canada members whose communication preferences allow, advising when the digital version is available. If you are unsure of your current preferences or don’t wish to change them immediately, you can sign up for secondary email notification.

Receiving Print Copies

Higher Grade Members may receive traditional print copies of the magazine by mail. To sign-up for this delivery preference, please fill out this form.

Note 1: You will need to login with your GoogleApps@IEEE account so we can properly capture and cross-check your request. If you do not have one yet, we recommend that you first set up your GoogleApps@IEEE account (should be fast and easy) and then return to fill out the form.

Note 2: If you do have such an account, but are getting a “You need permission” error message, it is likely because you are logged-in with a Google account, but not the right one. To fix this, we recommend you first logout and then login with your IEEE account to complete the form. Advanced users may also try login with multiple accounts or use of Private Browsing / Incognito Mode.

If you have other issues with the form, or have questions about this delivery preference, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at icr@ieee.ca.

Last update / 2019-11-14 / la dernière mise à jour

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