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Proposing editorial content for the IEEE Canadian Review

The IEEE Canadian Review publishes content in either of Canada’s two official languages, and sometimes both.

The magazine has two distinct editorial streams, dating back to its founding in 1988:

  • The people within IEEE Canada, as illustrated through stories and news items about their activities;
  • Technology articles for a general technical audience, within a Canadian context.

    Please contact the Editor-in-Chief at to propose or submit new content.

As general guidance on proposing technology articles, the words of the IEEE *Region 7 Director at the time of the magazine’s founding, the late Bob Alden, still apply today:

The objective is to complement the ‘explanation of technology’ articles that are the mainstay of
[IEEE] Spectrum
with articles that describe engineering projects and challenges, or that explore related fields of interest in a Canadian perspective.

That early vision was ardently shared by the founding editor, the late Richard Marceau. The eight issues published during his tenure set a high standard for all succeeding editors to follow. A sampling of articles from those issues is contained in The Birth of the Canadian Review, a document prepared in 2013 as part of a renewal of the magazine’s mission.

Over the years, there have been many forms our technology-related content has taken; for examples of other previously published articles, please browse through our past issues.

*Note: Since this time, IEEE Region 7 has evolved into what we now call IEEE Canada. Within Canada, the organization is governed by a Board of Directors whose chair is the President of IEEE Canada. It also is a constituent society of the Engineering Institute of Canada. In addition, it remains an organizational unit of IEEE, and is represented by its President on the parent body’s Board of Directors.

The IEEE Canadian Review was a key building block in the formal creation of IEEE Canada, serving to help reinforce the uniqueness of IEEE membership in this country. It still plays this important role today.

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