Why and How I Volunteered for IEEE

At the heart of any community are those who seek to create a better shared experience for all.

As a unique commmunity within the larger technical community of IEEE world-wide, IEEE Canada is blessed by the many volunteers who create and deliver most of its programming and activities.

In many instances, our volunteers have had limited experience in the activities for which they've signed up to help. It takes courage and determination to take that first step! But as seen in these testimonials below, with the support of more experienced team members, new volunteers find they are richly rewarded through their personal and professional growth.

Issue #80  Winter / Hiver 2017  by Samira Abbasgholizadeh Rahimi
Issue #79  Fall / Automne 2017  by Jeffrey Arcand
Issue #78  Spring / Printemps 2017  by Nasim Abdollahi
Issue #77  Winter / Hiver 2016  by Rama Vinnakota

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