A modern enterprise needs to interact with customers anytime, anyhow and anywhere to be successful in the global marketplace. This level of customer interaction has become possible due to the advancements in network infrastructure and the simultaneous development of voice and multimedia protocols for seamless transport of information. Instant and unified messaging extends this capability to enable customer touch point integration. Part I of this paper provided a critical analysis of the metrics for customer interaction in an electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) system from customer, business and technology viewpoints. Based on this analysis, this paper will review the features and the services offered by some of the protocols as proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) with respect to their effectiveness in enabling effective customer interaction, and derive an IETF based protocol suite that may be used in an eCRM system.
IEEE Canadian Review La revue canadienne de l'IEEE Summer / Été 2002 No. 41

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