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Alexandre Abecassis is a patent agent trainee in Montreal at Ogilvy Renault, Lawyers and Patent and Trade-mark Agents.

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MARKHAM, ON, June 17, 2002. Toshiba has introduced a new Pocket PC comprising an integrated IEEE802.11b Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) interface as well as Intel PXA250 processor which runs at 400MHz. The handled weights 185g and is therefore one of the lightest Pocket PC available on the market.

LAVAL, QC, Jun. 10, 2002. Electromed Inc. announced that Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain, has selected Electromed France to install a network connecting all its cardiac cathlabs. The contract will cover various aspects of the hospital's cardiac imaging needs. Electromed Inc. develops digital cardiac imaging solutions.

LONGUEUIL, QC, Jun. 3, 2002. D-Box Technologies Inc has presented his revolutionary Odyssee (R) Motion Simulator at the 55th International Film Festival of Cannes (France). More than 2000 professionals from the film industry attended the presentation. D-Box's latest technologies transform home theater systems into virtual reality experiences.

OTTAWA, ON, May 27, 2002. Cognos has announced a settlement in a pending patent litigation by Business Objects. The settlement agreement dismisses a lawsuit filed by Business Objects alleging an infringement of US Patent No 5,555,403. To obtain this settlement, Cognos agreed to pay 24M$. The two parties have also agreed on a five-year moratorium on patent litigation between said two parties.

BURLINGTON, ON, May 7, 2002. According to the new Ontario Electric Code, installation of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is now mandatory in all bedroom receptacle circuits. The AFCI will help prevent arc faults, which are the most common source of residential fires caused by electricity. Ontario is the first province of Canada to make ACFIs mandatory in all new home constructions.

OTTAWA, ON, Apr. 29, 2002. A partnership has been signed between CANARIE Inc (Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education), GT Group Telecom and Shaw Telecommunications Inc for the providing of a high speed, private Internet network. The private Internet network will link all research institutions coast-tocoast and should be operational by July 2002. The network will enable CANARIE to take advantage of higher bandwidth applications.

ST-LAURENT, QC, Apr. 10, 2002. ART Advanced Research Technology and Siemens Dematic Electronics Assembly Systems Inc have signed an agreement to at least evaluate an integration of ART's ISIS(R) systems into Siemens solutions. ART's ISIS(R) systems provides an infrared verification system for inspecting electronics printed circuit board assembly.

MONTRÉAL, QC, Apr. 4, 2002. DSI Datotech Inc. has developed a human/computer interface which is based on a gesture recognition technology. The technology may be used either in CAD/CAM industry or in multimedia. The technology comprises the recognizing of hand and finger movements. It allows 3-axis navigation in 3 dimension.

TORONTO, ON, Apr. 3, 2002. U.S. Army has signed a contract with CAE, which is valued at approximately CA50M$. Under this contract, CAE will provide an AH/MH-6 Light Assault/ Attack reconfigurable combat mission simulator to the Army Special Operations Forces Aviation Training and Rehearsal Systems. The simulator will be used by the U.S. Army 160th Special Operation Regiment.

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