A few words from the managing editor
Click to view full-size photograph Vijay K. Sood, Hydro-Québec

There are three items that I wish to inform you about.

The first item concerns the Canadian Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering, CCECE'2002, which took place in May 2002 at Winnipeg, MB. This was a resounding success (Congratulations all!), and this issue has commentary and pictures galore on pages 27-30. There were IEEE Canada awards handed out to members. The IEEE Canadian Review (CR) was fortunate to pick up an IEEE Regional Board Award (see page 28). This is personally very gratifying. However, it is an award shared amongst the editorial staff (see page 2) of the CR. Terry Malkinson (photo inset) was present at the ceremony and I was happy to see that he could enjoy the occasion. I congratulate the rest of the team Brunilde Sanso , Chela Vaidyanathan, Slawo Wesolkowski, Mrs.Vinay Sood and Alexandre Abecassis. I take this opportunity to thank the nominators (Brian Lee, Roger Nelson and Om Malik) and IEEE for this honor.

The second item concerns editorial staff changes at the CR. Brunilde Sanso will be taking leave and I offer my best wishes to her; she will be missed. I am announcing two new additions to the staff: Shaowen Song as Associate Editor and Camille-Alain Rabbath as Assistant Editor; their short biographical notes are presented on page 11. Please contact them for any assistance.

The third item concerns future plans for the CR. We are working on the online version. However, the progress is slow. Bob Alden has joined us as Consultant and I hope that this will finally get the ball rolling on this. Finally, I need to hear from you about our progress. What are your interests, concerns and how can we assist you? So do help us help you and email me sometime. Send me a joke, if nothing else.

Also, do not forget to have a great summer!

IEEE Canadian Review La revue canadienne de l'IEEE Summer / Été 2002 No. 41

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