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Spring / Printemps 2014, No. 72




President's Report
Rapport du pr

Outgoing Past President's Farewell Message
L’adieu du président sortant

MGA Award winner IEEE Canada members
Deux membres d’IEEE Canada récompensés aux Prix du CAGM

A View from the West

Sections Congress 2014

Canadian Newslog 

IEEE Life Member Tour 2013

Smarter Grid - Part 1 (Entire section)

- Introduction

- Paradigm Shift in Transitioning from a Centralized Grid to a Decentralized Grid

- Adaptive Energy Ecosystems - Improved Operability, Efficiency and Economics for Electricity and Gas Infrastructure

- LTE for Smart Grid Communication - 
The Canadian Outlook

- SMART Power Flow Controller

The Use of Social Networks for 
Sentiment Analysis 

Green Mountain - new life for an old site

Engineering Advocacy

Experiential Learning - Legend of the Oil Plug

IEEE Canada IHTC 2014 Conference
IEEE Canada présente l’IHTC 2014 Conférence

Region 7 sets SIGHT on humanitarian efforts

Engineering Management 

Conferences: IEEE Canada & 
Collaboration 2014-2015

EPEC / CEE 2014

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