President’s Message/Message du Président 18 Spring / Printemps 2018 THIS ROBOT is for execution of full or partially autonomous patrolling of dwellings and support to personnel in various security operations. The application is focused on pub- lic and private security services in both indoor and outdoor environ- ments, such as schools, office build- ings, private rental and condomin- ium dwellings, hotels, stadiums, bus and train stations, ports and air- ports. The robot moves through pro- grammed routes independently: it will call and enter elevators; it will do reconnaissance in underground parking garages, detect objects and issue emergency signals related to fire-sensors and human-detecting sensors. It can be mounted on vari- ous mobile platforms. The robot provides the following functionalities and applications: ● Mobile navigation in private premises ● Remote viewing, inspection of surroundings, transfer of images ● Auto docking and power charging with operation of more than 6 hours ● Automatic detection of obstacles Personal Robots Personal Security Robot scanning and licence checking ● Scheduled patrolling of private premises. and automatic stop for safety ● Mobile video surveillance ● Detection of intruder, fire, smoke, water, gas and chemicals ● People detection and tracking ● Parking garage vehicle plate VIDEO CONFERENCING AND TELEPRESENCE ROBOT